PRODUCTS —— We work on Nuclear physics, Industry, Medical, Oilfield, supply gas filled radiation detectors, scintillator, semiconductor detector and electronics.
Geiger Muller tubes
we can offer a wide range of Geiger Muller tubes(GM tubes), to detect alpha, beta, gamma, X-ray, including high thermal stability GM tubes.
He3 detectors
He3 tubes are designed for detect slow neutrons. We can supply various lengths and diameters with wide gas pressure.
We can supply various scintillator, including Plastic scintillator, NaI、CeBr3、LaBr3、YAP etc.
Scintillation fiber, Wavelength shift fiber are produced for research and industry.
Markets —— 辐射探测器在核物理、高能物理、核工业、石油测井、安检等领域有广泛应用
About Company ——
Beijing Nudetec Ltd. is committed to providing hight-quality products and services for high-energy physics, nuclear physics, nuclear industry, oilfield, nuclear medicine, security, mining. The main products provided include Geiger tubes, He3 detectors, ionization chambers, scintillators, fibers, CZT etc.