Digital Miniature Multi Channel Analyzer


Digital Miniature Multi Channel Analyzer


XMA-V6 is a high-performance, miniaturized, high pulse pass rate, and high linearity energy

spectrum acquisition system specially matched to various detectors. The system integrates lownoise

preamplifiers for matching detectors, voltage divider, programmable low-ripple highvoltage

power supply, digital multi-channel (DMCA), PC terminal host computer software, etc.,

are intended to realize the portable, fast and accurate energy spectrum acquisition and analysis of

the scintillator detector, which is specially used for the detector evaluation, radiation detection

system measurement, gamma spectrometer, dosimeter and other fields like nuclear industry

safety, entry and exit safety, environmental safety, etc. XMA-V3OEM is a multi-channel system

dedicated to customers for secondary development. Customers can integrate according to actual

needs. It is suitable for professional instrument development and key component integration