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He3 tube neutron detector

Neutron counters are widely used in scientific research, nuclear facility radiation control area systems, nuclear material transportation control systems, system technology control, soil moisture measurement devices, geophysical equipment in oil and gas well exploration, etc.

3He has unique properties and has neutron efficiency that other target nuclei do not have. Therefore, it is most commonly used in gas neutron counter tubes, despite the high cost. The working mode of gas discharge counter tube is divided into proportional type and corona discharge type.

Proportional counters operate over a voltage range where the amplitude of the pulse from the counter is proportional to the energy of the ionizing particles. The advantages of proportional counter tubes can be attributed to the relatively low operating voltage, large gauge

Possibility of count rate, long service life. Disadvantages - the length of the ping is small, the slant of the ping is large, and the anti-interference and stability of the working voltage require


The corona counter works in stable corona mode. They have a higher amplitude pulse, are independent of the supply voltage, and have a wide voltage range. It allows simplification of subsequent circuits. The platen length of this counter tube is very long (up to 1000 V), and the platen is inclined

very small.

Corona counters, in most cases, are less sensitive to background gamma radiation


Disadvantages of corona counters - high operating voltage (in some cases up to 2500

V); shorter service life; stricter requirements on the purity of the filling gas.


Our company can provide customization of various sizes, connectors and air pressure according to the user's use environment and application. And can provide the corresponding high temperature He3 tube. It is widely used in petroleum logging and other fields.

The temperatures are: